Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage

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Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage
Most people want an uncomplicated divorce that allows them to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, an amicable divorce is not always possible. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of each partner or spouse, the disagreements are too severe and the issues are too complex to find a resolution through negotiations, mediation or collaborative divorce.

If your divorce is more complicated—if you and your former spouse or partner are embroiled in disagreement, if he or she is not being honest about finances or is manipulating the process in order to inflict emotional pain — you need the help of a highly experienced divorce lawyer.

Mediation or Collaborative Divorce
Mediation and Collaborative Law can be low-cost alternatives to typical divorce proceedings. By working through decisions in a cooperative environment, you may be able to preserve your interests while minimizing excessive costs, such as extensive attorney fees, expert fees and court costs. At Maynor Sachs Copple, we are experienced in representing clients in mediation, the collaborative law process and a variety of methods to achieve settlements out of court.

While not all divorce and family legal disputes can be effectively resolved in mediation, some families will benefit from the cost-efficient and comparatively flexible approach that mediation and collaborative law offer. We have extensive experience with the mediation process and can help you explore all your options and alternatives before making any commitments. Attorney, Mark Maynor has been certified as a Family Law Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court and has the experience to effectively and peacefully resolve conflicts in this manner.

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